Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Relax’ 7″ picture disc

What was your thinking behind this composition …?
Did they give you free
rein to interpret the piece?
Anne Yvonne Gilbert:
I had free rein – it was great, I had my model Caroline and we just used to get together and play around until something worked – I had another friend staying at the time, Brian, and after a lot of fun we ended up with some photographs we could use.”

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Relax format: 7″ picture disc single design: XLZTT photography: n/a  illustration: Anne Yvonne Gilbert cat. no: PZTAS 1 date: 06/02/84 art of notes: Illustrator Anne Yvonne Gilbert was a friend of the band before they signed to ZTT. The illustration was originally created for an article about breasts in Men Only magazine, June 1983.

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