31″ – a ‘Relax’ Record Mirror advert

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Relax format: Record Mirror magazine 1/2 pg advert design: XLZTT photography: n/a cat. no: ZTAS1 date: 14/01/84 art of notes: This is the only mention of the ‘New York NIGHT mix’ and refers to the 7.20 min 12″ remix that most consider as the ‘Sex Mix’ because the sleeve and labels were never reprinted to reflect the new mix title. Some 12″ copies came in a stickered sleeve stating ‘Special U.S. Remix’ and the date that this advert appeared places the release as the beginning of 1984, shortly before the infamous ‘ban’ by the BBC.
The mix is elsewhere referred to as ‘Trevor Horn’s New York Mix’, ‘The U.S. Mix’ or variations thereof and bares the closest resemblance to the 7″ single version. 31″ refers to 12″ + 7″ + 12″ = 31″ even though there was actually another limited 12″ to add to this equation which contained an edit of the original 16.24 min ‘Sex Mix’. Still confused? 30 years later we’re still unpicking the details…

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  1. Is the 31″ inches = 7″, 6″ (12″ B-side), 6″ (Sex Mix Edition 1), 6″ (Sex Mix Edition 2), 6″ (New York Mix), referring to the contents of all previous editions?

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