Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘War’ (Hidden) 12″ single

John Stoddart: “But then I did the shoot in the T-shirts and everything, that definitely came through from ZTT, it had nothing to do with me in terms of ideas – the white out and all that.”
Who’s the little kid?
John Stoddart: “Well, that’s my best mate’s son, who’s now 31 – Jordan his name is, he’s got a framed print of it.  This was my studio in Liverpool and these are just friends of me, the band… “
Did Paul (Morley) give you any direction at ZTT?
John Stoddart: “Well he did with these ones (Frankie Say T-shirts session), it was all about post-nuclear white-out.”

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: War (Hidden) / Two Tribes (Carnage) format: 12″ single design: XLZTT photography: John Stoddart (front) / AJ Barratt (back) cat. no: WARTZ 3 date: 02/07/84 art of notes: This is the regular sleeve version of the picture disc release and was the third 12″ remix released whilst the song was still at no.1 but swapped the A side for a remix of the B.

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