Frankie Goes To Hollywood ‘Two Tribes’ (Carnage) 12″ single

Paul Morley: I think I was using the sleeve notes in a way to talk to Trevor, often that would happen. In all the Frankie records, funnily enough, were never made until the sleeves were printed and he used to have them at the front of the mixing desk, like ‘Relax’ and ‘Two Tribes’ and kind of know what the record would be then. You know how slow he was… So we would actually have the artwork finished, mixes, titles, everything. I often used bulletins in sleeve notes to communicate to Trevor to give him an idea of the fantasy I was trying to set up and hopefully he would provide the soundtrack to.”

There was a point, I think after the first two releases where you said: “We’re never going to call anything a ‘mix’ again?
“I tried that one, a ‘mixture’ at one point I went for, gigs were ‘jigs’, mixes were ‘mixtures’, you know, anything to avoid what you could see would settle down to clichés.”
So it was ‘Two Tribes’ (Carnage)…
“Yes… “
…it wasn’t ‘The Carnage Remix by Trevor Horn’
“No, I wanted to make it tidier and neater.”

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Two Tribes format: 12″ single design: XLZTT photography: AJ Barratt (front/ back / labels) Eric Watson (back) John Stoddart (back) cat. no: XZTAS 3 date: 18/06/84 art of notes: This was the second 12″ remix released whilst the song was still at no.1.

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