Only Bullets Can Stop Them Now – a ‘Two Tribes’ 12″ free poster

Neil Tennant: “Eric had just shot the campaign for Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s “Two Tribes” and Paul Morley had brought him out of his shell. Instead of asking for a photo of smiling pop stars he’d say, “I want to do the Russians invading Disneyland!”. To Eric it was liberating, as though he ‘was being allowed out of this trap of photographing four little heads stuck in a row all wearing tartan shirts against a green background'”.
from Pet Shop Boys’ Eric Watson interview in Literally issue 8 © Areagraphy Ltd

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Two Tribes format: 43cm x 43cm promo poster design: XLZTT photography: Eric Watson cat. no: 12ZTAS 3 date: 04/06/84 art of notes: This was one of three posters hidden inside some copies of the Annihilation 12″ of ‘Two Tribes’, there was no sticker warning of these and which poster you got was pot luck.

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