‘The Charm Of A Life Transformed’ – a NME ‘Dr Mabuse’ advert

Paul Morley: What an advert – beautiful madness, who on earth let me get away with it !  … those were if not the days then some sort of days. I remember it (the quote in German) was Georg Trakl, ominous, macabre Austrian expressionist poet from the early 20th century… he committed suicide in 1914, at about 27…”

artist: Propaganda title: Dr Mabuse format: 1 pg NME advert design: XLZTT illustration: Anton Corbijn cat. no: ZTAS2 date: 10/03/84 art of notes: The German down the side and bottom of the advert loses a little in its execution in capitals, it should read: “Aber stille blutet in dunkler Höhle stummere Menschheit, Fügt aus harten Metallen das erlösende Haupt”. It was taken from the poem, “An die Verstummten” by Georg Trakl – translated as ‘To the Muted’ – “But muter humanity calmly bleeds in a dark cave, Assembles the redeeming head out of hard metals” or “But silence bleeds in the hollow of voiceless humanity, hard metals create the liberating mind.”  The complete poem can be seen here. ‘Die gewaltosen’ over the ZTT logo translates the same as the English underneath it, ‘the non-violent

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