‘A Thousand Ways To Miss The Bullseye’ – a ‘Dr Mabuse’ advert for The Face

David Smart: “I’ve kept that one because I had great fun doing that. Apart from that red there these are the colours of Refreshers. And I love the way that the (ZTT) logo is completely changed by putting yellow on top instead of blue. And the interesting thing that Paul would never have known would have been the dynamics that you create by cropping a photo to a certain size so that you could get that sword pointing to that eye and the whole thing would say ‘bullseye’. You would never know that until you actually designed it. “

artist: Propaganda title: Dr Mabuse format: The Face 1pg advert design: XLZTT photography: AJ Barratt cat. no: ZTAS2 date: 02/84 art of notes:

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    1. Only if I can find some Alfonso, my promo posters of Propaganda are thin on the ground, I know there was a free poster in some copies of the Mabuse 12″ but I’ve yet to find a copy myself. Also there were big fly posters of the hand image I think but I’ve never seen on in the flesh. If you have any and are willing to share I’d love to see them.

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