They Came. They Fought. They Said – a ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ Record Mirror advert

I’ve only ever seen close up sitting and longer shots with the band standing as on the No.1 cover – did you do any more – individual portraits for instance – in the setting?
Peter Ashworth: “Close up and long shots were it, tho there were different arrangements, no individuals, not even the set without the band”

The lighting is beautiful, did you do all this with gels and careful placement?
Peter Ashworth: “Lighting and gels were / are my speciality”.

Was there much special processing after the shoot to heighten the colours? Or did you use a specific type of film to bring them out?
Peter Ashworth: “No, this is exactly how it was shot, no retouching, no cross process, this is exactly as it was”

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Welcome To The Pleasuredome format: 1 pg Record Mirror advert design: XLZTT Photography: Peter Ashworth cat. no: ZTT IQ 1 date: 03.11.84 art of notes:

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