Life Is The Important Thing! – a ‘Welcome To The Pleasuredome’ NME advert

Paul Morley: “I was always very keen on doing an ad that suited the publication, which people thought was mental but, if it was NME it had to be an NME ad, Smash Hits, a Smash hits ad. And because it was me and I was doing it on my own I could do it. A five member department, oddly enough, couldn’t do it because there were bureaucratic routines and habits whereas me on my own, sketching out the ads, sending it off to David or Royston for them to do, I could do it. I could make every ad different, cost a fortune again and I wasn’t thinking of that at the time but, in a funny sort of way, there was an odd proof that it was working. Whatever those clues were that we were sending out, people were picking up and wanting to follow and some people thought it was pretentious nonsense and other people just thought it was what it was, which was entertainment. Everything was entertainment, every poster was an entertainment…”
Was that young idealism as well? ‘I can do this’?
Paul Morley: “That’s right, I can do this so I will do it, it can be done and it seemed better than the alternative.”

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Welcome To The Pleasuredome format: 1 pg NME advert design: XLZTT Photography: Anton Corbijn cat. no: ZTT IQ 1 date: 03.11.84 art of notes:

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