‘Ban It, Burn It, Bait It…’ – a ‘Relax’ Record Mirror / NME advert

Paul Morley: “At the time, I was battling with a guy called Dave Robinson who’d come from Stiff Records to run Island Records and I remember I’d done a ‘Relax’ ad and their art department had put a star on it, one of those ‘OUT NOW!’ stars. And I just said ‘We never say ‘OUT NOW’, ever, because it’s obviously fucking out now or otherwise we wouldn’t be saying it, even though we often did say it when it wasn’t out. But I never wanted to say ‘out now’, I never wanted to say ‘available’ because that’s what record companies always did and, to this day, still do and I find it just so dull, I can’t believe they still do it.”

artist: Frankie Goes To Hollywood title: Relax format: 1 pg Record Mirror advert design: XLZTT illustration: Anne Yvonne Gilbert cat. no: ZTAS1 date: 21/01/84 art of notes: This was the back cover of Record Mirror magazine dated 21/01/84, adapted from the promo poster for record stores to advertise ‘Trevor Horn’s New York remix’, it was printed just 10 days after the ban on the single. There was also a larger B&W version featured in the same weeks issue of the NME but tipped back at a similar angle to the original poster.

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