‘How Is Art of Noise and Into Battle?’ – a NME (?) advert

AJ Barratt: So, I would just go out on a Saturday afternoon, go down to parts of London that I didn’t know and I’d just wander about, climb into things and take photos of things and mess about.”

Included here is the original advert photo plus an outtake of the hands holding the rose from the same session, scanned from AJ Barratt’s archive.

artist: Art Of Noise title: Into Battle with… format: NME (?) 1/2 pg advert design: XLZTT photography: AJ Barratt cat. no: ZTIS100 date: 11/83 art of notes: An oddity for ZTT, a round up of press quotes (with some no doubt invented) for ‘Into Battle’. This appeared in one of the three weekly music papers, possibly in November in NME but I have no details on its exact origins.

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