‘Art Of Noise and romance’ – three Record Mirror, NME and No.1 ‘Into Battle’ adverts

AJ Barratt: So, I would just go out on a Saturday afternoon, go down to parts of London that I didn’t know and I’d just wander about, climb into things and take photos of things and mess about. Where those photos were taken, where that crane was that I climbed into, the same place as the van (from the ‘Close Up’ sleeve). It has obviously been a scrap metal yard at some point but you can see Tower Bridge in the background and when you think about London 30 years ago, there’s a piece of scrap land that you can see Tower Bridge from, that’s unbelievable.”

artist: Art Of Noise title: Into Battle with… format: Record Mirror, NME and No.1 magazine 1/2 pg adverts design: XLZTT photography: AJ Barratt cat. no: ZTIS100 date: 08/10/83 art of notes: Three virtually identical ads but each with their own comment under the rose photo and individual scrap of image at the top. All the advertisements for ‘Into Battle’ were first published in 8th of October issues of the weeklies even though it had been released nearly two weeks previously.

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  1. I never looked at this advert closely before and had always assumed the hand was holding a cup — probably also due to the low contrast of the ad. Seeing the original photo is just two hands clasped is interesting and would have changed the mood of the ad for me.

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